If not, then it will come here too and there will be a big devastation; Britain is trapped in the fourth wave of Corona and France in the fifth wave, know how it is


We may have faced the dreaded second wave of corona only a few months back, but as the infection subsides, most of the people’s masks have come off. Many people are now beginning to believe that the infection has passed from India and now the third wave is hardly coming. In this careless situation, you should know that Britain is currently facing the fourth wave of Corona infection and France is facing the fifth wave. Both these European countries had faced a very lethal wave of infection before, but again the infection overturned here.

Now booster dose is being done in both the countries but the condition is bad

Britain has the highest death toll of 1.42 lakh people in the whole of Europe after Russia due to the Corona epidemic. Britain vaccinated very quickly to control Corona. So far, 68.3% people have been fully vaccinated here, while 74.8% of the population has received the first dose. At the same time, in the European Union country France, which has faced four waves, 68.6% of the population has been fully vaccinated while 76.3% people have got the first dose. France has also given booster doses to most of the population above 65 years of age. Whereas in the UK this work continues for those over the age of 50. Despite this, corona infection is spreading at an infection rate of 4% in Britain and 2.9% in France.

40 thousand patients are getting daily in Britain and 10 thousand patients in France.

Britain’s economy is on its fourth wave since the opening of the economy in June, but it has started to pick up in October. Now an average of 40 thousand patients are being found here daily and between 150 and 200 deaths are taking place every day. On November 10, more than 39 thousand new patients were found here, whereas on October 21, a record 51484 cases were registered in a day. On the other hand, the fifth wave started in France around October 4, due to which now on an average more than ten thousand new patients are getting here every day and close to 40 deaths are taking place daily. According to wordometers, on November 10, 11883 new patients were found and 33 deaths occurred.


Vaccination reduces the risk of life, less pressure on ICU

Both these countries rapidly vaccinated, which is benefiting them for the treatment of infected patients. The number of very serious patients is much less than before. In France, 1076 patients are admitted in ICU while 6702 patients are being treated in the hospital. The number of hospitalized patients in the UK is 9000 and 1022 patients are admitted in ICU. Corona infection is not affecting vaccinated patients as much as it is affecting non-vaccinated patients.

Ban started in France, scientists in UK raised demand

French Health Minister Olivier Veren has said that there are clear signs of the beginning of a fifth wave in the country, which is worrying. The government has predicted that the situation may get worse in view of the coming cold. In view of this, the government has made it mandatory for the elderly population above 65 years to show a certificate of booster dose for entering restaurants etc. British scientists, on the other hand, recently appealed to the government of Boris Johnson that winter conditions could be extremely dangerous if they do not impose strict restrictions in time like neighboring countries.


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