If I persuade one, the other gets angry… Now Maharashtra Congress spokesperson has left the post


There is trouble for the Congress in Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and from UP to Maharashtra. Maharashtra Congress’s flamboyant spokesperson Sachin Sawant has resigned from the post. It is being said that Sawant has resigned against the arbitrarily distribution of the post by the state president Nana Patole. Nana Patole has given the responsibility of chief spokesperson in Maharashtra to Atul Londhe, who left the NCP and joined the Congress in 2016. In protest against this decision, Sawant resigned from the post. Secretary Sawant was given the responsibility of assistant spokesperson along with Londhe. It was his demotion in a way and he left the post in protest.

Sachin Sawant was handling the responsibility of spokesperson for almost 10 years. Sawant has also removed his identity as Congress spokesperson from his Twitter bio. Sawant has not given much information about his resignation at the moment. It is being said that Sawant, who had been a Congress secretary for three decades, was feeling neglected after the leader from outside was pushed ahead of himself. Due to this he resigned from the post. He was very vocal in opposition to the previous Devendra Fadnavis government and the BJP. In such a situation, Congress has lost one of its strong face as spokesperson.


Along with leaving the post on behalf of Sachin Sawant, the matter of writing a letter to Sonia Gandhi is also coming to the fore. Sawant has demanded from Sonia Gandhi that she should be given some other responsibility. In the last few days, Sachin Sawant had also advocated for the Congress to go alone in the coming elections. He said that the party should enter the election season apart from Shiv Sena and NCP.



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