If corona occurs, do not panic and get admitted in the hospital, first take a 6-minute walk test


The second wave of Corona plagued the nation and the world. In India, the number of infected has become so high that beds in hospitals are falling short. In such a situation, even serious patients are unable to get beds. Therefore, doctors say that if your RT-PCR test comes positive then do not panic and get admitted in the hospital. Most corona patients can recover only by staying at home. A video message shared by the government on Twitter has suggested suggestions from Dr. CL Pramesh, director of Tata Memorial Hospital.

Kovid-positive patients should do fluids, yoga, pranayama, besides eating well. Also they should track their fever and oxygen levels. For an accurate understanding of oxygen levels, it is suggested to take a six-minute walk test, where a patient has to perform oxygen level checks before and after six minutes of walking in their quarantined room. This test can be taken 2-3 times in a day. If these readings are normal, then there is no need to be admitted to the hospital.

The infected person should be hospitalized if-

> The baseline reading on the oxmeter is below 94 percent.

Oxygen levels fluctuate 4 percent or more before and after 6 minutes of walking.

In such cases, when the oxygen level is below 94 percent, then one should lie down on his / her stomach to improve the oxygen level in the blood. If a patient has no symptoms other than fever, take paracetamol only.

AIIMS director Dr. Ramdeep Guleria has said that more than 85 percent of Kovid patients can recover without any specific treatment. “Oxygen is a treatment, it is like a medicine.




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