‘I will take out my eyes, I will cut off my hands’, BJP MP’s bad words on taking party leaders hostage in Haryana


Controversy has deepened in the case of BJP leaders being held hostage in Rohtak, Haryana. On Saturday, BJP leaders demonstrated against this incident and during this the local MP of the party Arvind Sharma gave a controversial statement. He told the hand of Congress leader and former CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda behind taking the party leaders hostage. Arvind Sharma said, ‘Hooda and Congress should know that whoever shows his eye towards Manish Grover, he will take out his eye. If anyone shows his hand, he will cut it.’ In fact, on Friday, BJP leaders had reached a Shiva temple located in Kiloi, Rohtak, who had been taken hostage by the farmers. Among these leaders were BJP’s state vice-president Manish Grover, who was let go by the farmers only after apologizing with folded hands.

During this, Arvind Sharma also claimed that the BJP would be in power in Haryana for the next 25 years. He said that this is nothing but the ruckus of the Hooda family to rule, but they should know that the Bharatiya Janata Party will be in power for the next 25 years. Former CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda hails from Rohtak and Arvind Kumar Sharma was elected MP from here in 2019. On Friday, farmers in Kiloi kept BJP leaders in the Shiva temple from 9 am to 4 pm. During this the situation had become tense. Police and administrative officers were called from four districts to resolve the matter and around 800 police personnel were present throughout the day.

BJP leaders had arrived for PM Modi’s program

BJP leaders came to Kedarnath Dham to listen to the live program of PM Narendra Modi. Meanwhile, when the farmers came to know about the news, they gathered outside the temple and blew their vehicles out. Not only this, tractors were parked around the temple. The ruckus continued for about 6 to 7 hours and the farmers asked the leaders to apologize.


forced to apologize with folded hands

The BJP leaders were allowed to leave at 4 pm only after apologizing with folded hands. After the talks between the farmers and the administration, the BJP leaders apologized. Later, the screw got stuck on the fact that the state vice-president Manish Grover did not apologize with folded hands. After several hours of controversy, BJP leader Manish Grover apologized with folded hands. The matter calmed down till late in the evening.

These leaders were taken hostage by the farmers

BJP Vice President and former Cooperative Minister Manish Kumar Grover, Organization Minister Ravindra Raju, Mayor Manmohan Goyal, District President Ajay Bansal, Satish Nandal and many Rohtak BJP leaders and many officials had reached the temple. Farmers who reached the spot in large numbers imprisoned them in the temple itself.


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