How will you win the war against Corona? 3.86 crore people across the country did not get their dose of vaccine on time


Efforts are being made to speed up the vaccination campaign in the country on the one hand, on the other hand 3.86 crore people could not get the second dose on time. The government, in response to an RTI, said that over 3.86 crore people did not receive the second dose of Kovid vaccines (Covishield and Covaccine) within the stipulated time. According to the information available on the Covin portal, 442285854 people have received their first dose till Thursday afternoon, while 125907443 have also taken their second dose.

Activist Raman Sharma raised a question under the Right to Information (RTI) Act, seeking to know from the government how many people had received the first dose of the vaccine but did not take the second dose within the stipulated time. In response to a question, the COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Cell of the Union Health Ministry said that it is recommended that the second dose of Kovashield be taken within 84-112 days of the first, whereas in case of Covaccine, the gap is between 28-42 days. Should be.


The government said that 3,40,72,993 people did not get the vaccine on time till August 17 as per the schedule for the Kovidshield vaccine by the Government of India. At the same time, according to the report of the Kovin portal, 46,78,406 people did not get the vaccine on time within the time stipulated by the government. Regarding vaccination, the government has said that people should take the vaccine on time to take full advantage of the vaccine.


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