How was the functioning of Modi government in 7 years, 25 bureaucrats wrote a book with Doval


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked MPs many times to bring the report card of the government to the people. In the absence of readily available data, many MPs are still finding it difficult to take central schemes to the people. It seems that the Modi government is thinking very seriously to bring the account of its seven years of work to the public.

A former Union Minister along with 25 present and former bureaucrats has recorded the achievements of Modi government in a book for the benefit of critics and supporters of Modi government. This book can be a guide for many parliamentarians who want facts about their government’s work.

The book titled ‘Accelerating India-7 Years of Modi Government’, edited by retired IAS officer KJ Alphons and a former Union minister, has a foreword by NSA Ajit Doval. Many bureaucrats, including Alphonse, believe that the government is accountable to the people and thus there is a need for an initiative to catalog the facts and figures of developments and reforms in a narrative manner. He says that both those who love and hate PM Modi should read it. .

Talking to news agency ANI, Alphons said, “This kind of work has never been done before. This document of achievements of Modi government tells about the number of reforms undertaken and policies initiated. Curious to know about it, they should read this book.

National Security Advisor Ajit Doval in his foreword to the book has lauded the initiatives taken by PM Modi by former civil servants and coming together to share their perspectives on the achievements listed on the national security front and other areas.


He wrote, “On the security front, the policy of zero tolerance on cross-border terrorism has yielded results. Pakistan’s complicity in helping terror to major international platforms, including the FATF, has been exposed. India’s impositions on the military front Because of the pressure gone, Pakistan has to pay the price.”

“India’s ability and resolve to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity have enhanced its international credibility and resolve,” Doval wrote in his preface. A strong message has been sent that the status quo along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) has been sent. Any unilateral attempt to change will be thwarted. Projects along strategic infrastructure boundaries have been expedited. CDS has been appointed. Government has strengthened bilateral ties and the government formulated the National Cyber ​​Security Strategy 2020. Is.”

Former Secretary Education Vrinda Sarup has said that while writing on education she took an in-depth look at reforms like new education policy, from examination system to analysis-based knowledge and integration of skill sets in academics.

NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant has highlighted PM Modi as a reformer. He said, “Empowerment has been at the core of Prime Minister Modi’s reform agenda over the last seven years. Empowering a student to access education in a remote village, enabling a family to secure an LPG connection, a small businessman Small but important steps have been taken like helping

The book, published by Oakbridge, which is expected to be released by Vice President Venkaiah Naidu on August 9, includes names like NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant, former Defense Secretary Mohan Kumar, former Home Secretary LC Goyal and Shakti Sinha. Apart from this, former Education Secretary Vrinda Sarup, former Agriculture Secretary Ashish Bahuguna, former Secretary Health and Family Welfare Department Preeti Sudan, member of PM’s Economic Advisory Council Anant Nageswaran, Principal Economic Advisor Sanjeev Sanyal, Hero Motor Corporation Chairman and CEO Pawan Munjal , Mission Director of National Water Life Mission Bharat Lal, Former Secretary (Forest) CK Mishra, Former Labor Secretary Gauri Kumar, Former Secretary Rural Development Department Jugal Mohapatra, Former CIC Sudhir Bhargava, Former IAS S Machendranathan, Former Culture Secretary Ravinder Singh, and some former chief secretaries.


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