How much more destruction will Corona cause now, when will the cases come down? Learn what the experts say


Corona virus continues to wreak havoc in the country. The second wave of Corona has caused such havoc in India that there is an outcry for hospitals, beds and oxygen all around. Meanwhile, the famous vaccine expert Gagandeep Kang has said that the current increase in corona virus cases may come down from the middle of May to the end. Kang said that there may be one or two more upsurge in corona virus cases, but perhaps it will not be as bad as the current round.

He said that at the moment it is going to those areas where it has not reached last year i.e. making the middle class a victim, spreading its foot in the rural area. But the chances of the virus continuing. Allaying fears about the vaccines, he said that they are effective and there is a need to expedite the vaccination campaign. Kang expressed concern over the decline in the corona virus investigation and said that the proportion of cases is much higher than the data obtained from the investigation.

He said in response to a question that according to various models (the most accurate estimate of cases coming down) are somewhere between the middle of the month and the end. Although according to some models it will be in early June, but according to what we are seeing, it is (estimated) from mid-May to the end. Regarding the inference about the waves of the virus, Kang said that one can use the (virus’s) variety of characteristics and different epidemics to predict what is going to happen in a particular place, provided that The data should be available at the level of the mathematical model pane.


When asked about the future of this virus, he said that it will be really weather like bad flu virus. It will become more relative to the weather, it will cool down and that people will gain a certain level of immunity due to repeated immunity and vaccination.



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