How Jitendra Gogi and Tillu Tajpuria’s college rivalry turned into gang war, the inside story of the shootout in Rohini Court


The hearing of cases was going on in Delhi’s Rohini Court as usual on Friday. Meanwhile, two people disguised as a lawyer opened fire on the dreaded criminal Jitendra Mann alias Gogi, who had arrived for the production. Responding to this, the police killed both the miscreants. A lawyer was also injured in the firing. The incident which took place in broad daylight created a sensation. Police sources say that this dreadful incident is actually the result of gang war, which is going on between Gogi and Tillu Tajpuria gang for a long time.

This incident has also reminded of the ongoing war between two big gangsters of Delhi. Police sources say that Tillu Tajpuria and Jitendra Gogi have had a feud since their college days. The two were once close friends, but in 2010, they became enemies of each other in the election of the student union of a college in Delhi. Not only this, in 2018 there was a bloody conflict between the gang of both. Three people were killed, while 5 people were injured in the gang war that took place in Burari area of ​​Delhi. It is said that till now around 100 people have been killed in the bloody clashes between the gangs.


Who was the notorious criminal Jitendra Mann ‘Gogi’

Gangster Jitendra Mann alias Gogi, who was killed in the firing in Rohini Court, was a resident of Alipur area, adjacent to the Delhi-Haryana border. At one point of time, he was on the top of the most wanted list of Delhi Police. Apart from this, he was also in the news for demanding Rs 5 crore from a Dubai businessman from Tihar Jail itself. It is said that Gogi had such influence that he used to carry out crimes like ransom, kidnapping, murders even from jail. He had even escaped from police custody thrice. On July 30, 2016 also he had escaped from the custody of Delhi Police from Bahadurgarh.

Tillu Tajpuria has also been a famous gangster

Like Jitendra Mann Gogi, Tillu Tajpuria is also a dreaded criminal. He is also lodged in Tihar Jail these days and runs his gang from there. The war between the two gangs started from 2010, but this bloody war intensified in 2013, when another criminal was killed by the police. Neetu Dabodia was killed in a police encounter. Apart from this, Neeraj Bawania, who called himself the don of Delhi, was also arrested by the police and imprisoned. After this, the battle to earn a name in the world of crime in Delhi intensified between Jitendra Gogi and Tillu Tajpuria. The conflict ended with the firing at Rohini Court on Friday. But the way this last chapter of the gang war has been closed, it has also raised questions on the security of the courts.



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