How effective is the combination of Covaxin and Covishield? Know the answers to 7 questions related to mixing vaccines


There is no consensus among scientists about the mixture of anti-corona vaccine. However, in many studies to date, the effect of mixing different vaccines has been found to be very effective. Many scientists are advising to have different types of vaccines in both doses instead of getting two doses of the same vaccine, some scientists have also cautioned against this. Some of the major questions related to mixing vaccines are-

What is a mixture of vaccines?

Combination of vaccines means a different type or different brand of vaccine given to a person in both doses. At present, studies are going on to mix several types of anti-corona vaccines. A study is underway on a mixture of Pfizer’s mRNA-based vaccine and the AstraZeneca vaccine. A study conducted on 80 people in Britain found that taking the AstraZeneca vaccine in the first dose followed by the Pfizer vaccine in the second dose was more effective against corona.

Are we going to take a mixed dose of Covishield and Covaccine?

The Indian Institute of Medical Research (ICMR) in one of its studies has shown the combination of Covishield and Covaccine vaccine to be very effective. However, India has not yet received permission to give mixed doses of vaccines.

Potential advantages of mixed vaccines?

Several institutions, including the ICMR, in their initial studies have found the best levels of immunity against alpha, beta and delta variants of the corona among those who have received mixed doses of vaccines. The amount of anti-corona antibodies was found to be very high in the blood of these people. The study found that the first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine and the second dose of Pfizer vaccine were more effective than the AstraZeneca vaccine in both doses.

Study on where else in the world this is happening?


Several institutions, including the Kav-Kov group of Oxford University, Harvard University in the US and ICMR in India, are conducting separate studies on the vaccine mix.

Disadvantages of vaccine mix?

So far, no serious side effects have been reported with the combination of vaccines. But many experts have cautioned against mixed doses of corona vaccines. They say that the mixture of vaccines should not be used due to lack of data. Many people are also opposing mixing vaccines because it would be difficult to fix responsibility if mixed vaccinations fail. In such a situation, one company would hold the other company’s vaccines responsible for failure.

In which countries mixed vaccine is being used?

In many countries of the world, a mixture of corona vaccines is being used even though there is not enough data. These include Germany, Canada and Thailand. In addition, vaccine mixes have been introduced in Bhutan, Bahrain, Italy and the UAE. German Chancellor Angela Merkel took the first dose of AstraZeneca, but the second dose of Moderna.

Does WHO agree to a vaccine mix?

The World Health Organization (WHO) does not agree with the mixing of the corona vaccine of two different companies. WHO Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan said – There is a dangerous trend of mix and match regarding the vaccine, while we have neither data nor evidence in this regard. If citizens start deciding when and who will take the second, third and fourth doses, there will be chaos.


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