How did the consensus on the name of Basavaraj Bommei, Yeddyurappa readily agree, why did the BJP rely on the Lingayat community? Read Inside Story


The central leadership of the BJP has again handed over the reins of Karnataka to the Lingayat community on the pretext of Basavaraj Bommai. Karnataka’s new Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, like Yeddyurappa, also comes from the Lingayat community, which is considered the most dominant community in the state. According to sources, the central leadership approved Bommai’s name after considering all aspects and holding discussions with non-Lingayat leaders.

Karnataka Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai is Yeddyurappa’s favorite and his disciple. If sources are to be believed, Yeddyurappa had suggested Bommai’s name to the BJP high command even before he resigned. In fact, in a meeting with the abbots of the Lingayat community, Yeddyurappa had named Bommai on his behalf. It was passed unanimously. The BJP’s opposition stopped when Yeddyurappa suggested Bommai’s name to the Lingayat community, adamant not to resign from the post.

Actually, the Lingayat community did not want Yeddyurappa to resign, but Yeddyurappa had said in this community meeting that even before taking oath as the CM, it was decided that I would have to work after two years as per the instructions of the high command. . The message of top leadership has arrived. I have to quit.

Close to union:

Basavaraj Bommai is also very popular in the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. It is believed that he acted as the link between the Sangh and Yediyurappa. Bommai played a big role in that the Sangh’s deteriorating relationship with Yeddyurappa did not affect Yeddyurappa’s work. He got the reward for this.


Leaders associated with farming:

Being associated with agriculture, Basavaraj is considered to be an expert in irrigation matters of Karnataka. He is praised for starting many irrigation projects in the state. He is also credited with implementing India’s first 100% pipe irrigation project in his constituency.

Impact of Lingayat community on 100 seats

The share of Lingayat community in Karnataka’s population is around 17%. Out of 224 assembly seats in the state, about 90-100 seats are dominated by the Lingayat community. It is to be known that when Yeddyurappa was expelled from the BJP due to allegations of corruption. The Lingayat vote was then split between Yeddyurappa and the BJP in several assembly seats. In the assembly elections, the BJP was reduced to 40 seats from 110 seats. Its vote share had also come down from 33.86 to 19.95%. Yeddyurappa returned to the BJP in 2014. It was Yediyurappa’s miracle that the BJP won 17 out of 28 Lok Sabha seats in Karnataka.

three deputy chief ministers

According to sources, three deputy chief ministers will also take oath along with Bommai. In Karnataka, Govind Karjol, R Ashok and Sriramlu will be the deputy chief ministers. According to media reports, the three leaders will take oath on Wednesday.


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