How did Amarinder do future planning by meeting Shah-Doval, who will benefit how much? understand full math


Former Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has raised political excitement by meeting Home Minister Amit Shah and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval in the last two days. However, he has met Shah and Doval on issues of national security. This is being seen as a strategy to strengthen Amarinder’s nationalist image, which could pave his political path for the future.

According to sources, the BJP is also not in too much of a hurry with Amarinder as his stand on the agriculture law and farmers’ movement so far does not match with the BJP. In view of the upcoming elections in Punjab, even the Captain cannot change his stand so soon. However, in future, if the central government takes a decision on the issue of MSP, then a relationship with Amarinder can be formed. Amarinder, by announcing his break-up from the Congress and meeting the Home Minister on the issue of national security, has indicated that he is trying to create a different image on the issue of nationalism which matches that of the BJP.

BJP is very conscious about Punjab. The Akali Dal has separated from the BJP, but it has not only been its old ally, but both are quite similar on ideological issues as well. After the issue of farmers’ movement is resolved, both can come together again. In such a situation, BJP does not want to do any such experiment in which it has to suffer. Apart from this, the BJP wants to strengthen its roots in Punjab. Even if it takes some time.


The party is trying to win some seats on its own in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, so that it can increase its political power in the state. She may also do future politics with Amarinder Singh, but she is still looking for the strength of Captain. It is also not clear how much the Captain and his associates want to come with the BJP. In such a situation, BJP is not opening its cards. This is the reason that no big leader of BJP has met Amarinder. If he floats a new party, the BJP can explore the possibility of internal rapprochement with him.



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