Hospitals canceling order for Russian vaccine Sputnik V, know what is the reason


Some private hospitals in the country have canceled orders for Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine. The reason behind the cancellation of vaccine orders by hospitals is being attributed to the increase in the supply of free doses of other vaccines given by the government. Industry officials said low demand and extreme cold storage to store the vaccine have also prompted at least three major hospitals to cancel orders for Sputnik V.

News agency Reuters reported that the Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College and Hospital in Pune has also canceled the vaccine order. Senior Medical Officer Jitendra Oswal said that with the storage and everything, we have canceled our order for 2500 doses. He said that the demand for the vaccine is also not high. There is a section of people, hardly 1% who want to get the Sputnik vaccine. Anything will work for the rest.

Health ministry data shows that from May to last week, only about 6 per cent of all vaccines administered in India were dispensed by private hospitals. At the same time, the government freed them to buy up to a quarter of the domestic production.

India is set to become a major production center for Sputnik V, with a planned capacity of around 850 million shots per year and a reduction in domestic demand means exports could be higher. Indian companies have already started making Sputnik dosage. However, there is no comment from the Ministry of Health on this yet.


Hospitals have received only 943,000 doses of Sputnik V after it was launched in June by Indian distributor Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. Dr Reddy’s had imported about 3 million doses of the vaccine from Russia. Reddy’s, however, declined to comment on the cancellation of orders by the hospitals.

Avis Hospital, which runs eight vaccination centers in Hyderabad, has also canceled its order for 10,000 Sputnik V doses. Sources from the hospital gave this information. Avis, however, did not respond to an email from Reuters seeking comment. Sources said that there is another hospital in Pune which has canceled the order for the vaccine. He declined to name the hospital.



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