Homecoming started again, increasing pressure of passengers on railway due to increase in corona, heavy rush at stations


As the Corona infection progresses, the pressure on the railway has increased due to the rush of passengers returning from cities to their villages. However, the Railways have already made preparations to run a large number of trains in view of the summer season. Railways are also keeping an eye on large number of people coming to the station on the same day. It has just made it clear that if the state governments want it, they are also ready to run special labor trains.

For the last one week, the number of passengers traveling from different cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Gujarat towards Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan has increased rapidly. The manner in which lockdowns are being imposed in different areas in different states for a few days or so, the laborers are returning to their homes.


The maximum pressure is seen at stations in Mumbai, although Western Railway and Central Railway have already made considerable preparations. But on the same day, they are also facing problems due to sudden rush. There is also a plan to run additional trains as the wait list increases, but there is increasing congestion due to the arrival of unreserved passengers.

In such a situation, the Railways is coordinating with the State Governments and it is trying to not get too crowded at the station at one time. A senior railway official said that if the state governments want, the railways is also ready to run special labor trains like last year. However, this is not the case right now. Meanwhile, the railways have also prepared their own special isolation coaches prepared last year so that they can also be made available at various stations if the state government demands it.



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