Holi Quotes Greetings: Hindi-English Greetings To You Holi, Festival Greetings With This Line


Haley Holi Greetings, Holly Greetings Quotes 2021, Holly Greetings Quotes In Hindi, English: Holi Festival This time on 29th March and on this occasion you can take Happy Holly Greetings in Hindi and English in this way.


  • This time the Holi festival will be celebrated on March 29
  • Holika Dahan a day before March 26th
  • On the occasion of Holi, people send greetings to each other.


Greetings in Hindi Hindi, English Quotes: The festival of Holi is celebrated with great pomp every year. This festival of colors fills people with color and fun. On this occasion, people send a congratulatory message and congratulate Holi. This time Holi will be celebrated on March 29 and Holika Dahan will be celebrated on March 26. Come and see many such greetings and wishes in Hindi and English

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Holi Holi Quotes in Hindi

  1. Holi income re re kanhai
  2. Say the color with the flute
  3. Do not touch the color
  4. Dhobania washed all the Umayyads
  5. Mohe bhai na harjai
  6. The light is like the sound of a little flute
  7. Let’s meet with a smile.
  8. I fell in love with Gulal
  9. The colors bloom only when they bloom.
  10. There is a splash of color, the song is out
  11. Bontata which is the festival of love Holi
  12. We will celebrate, this is how we will celebrate Holi.
  13. Always keep smiling, keep smiling, like you are smiling, full, forget all the sorrows of the world and spread joyful songs around, Happy Holi to you.
  14. In the festival of colors, all the colors come out, your world is filled with lots of happiness, every time this blessing from God, we wish you a happy Holi.
  15. May your sweets always be full of happiness, may your bag be full of happiness of all of you, Happy Holi 2021.
  16. “All your sorrows burn in Holi and all the colors of Rangpanchami bring happiness in your life.”
  17. May all your joys and sorrows burn in today’s Holi and may all the colors of tomorrow’s Rangpanchami fill your life with happiness. “Happy Holi”.
  18. Outside of color, gooey should be a sweet thing, love should be in everyone’s heart, it should be your celebration.
  19. May God bring every moment of your life every day the color of love, happiness, prosperity, joy, success and health.
  20. Greetings in Hindi
  21. “Poonam’s moon-colored dolly, quote from moon to moonlight, your bag is full of happiness, happy holi to you”.
  22. Before the smell of guji, before the color of the color, before the intoxication of Holi, before anyone else says, we tell you, Happy Holi first.
  23. The spring of spring is over, the roses have flown away, the color has turned blue, the red has lost, Happy Holi to you.

Quotes of Happy Holi in Hindi

  • “Whether it’s Holi or Gulal, there should be something special outside of color, let there be love in everyone’s heart, let it be your festival.”
  • Gujia and yellow cool in the canal; You look beautiful, bathed in colors; Take Holi with me; And become my man! Happy Holi!
  • Don’t mistake the simple color for the seven colors of the rainbow, which can be seen with any simplicity in life, then you should think that the world is beautiful, its Holi brings a fountain of colorful colors, lots of sweet and sweet and sweet love. ” Happy holi “
  • Now give me that color, all of you have become my color and the rest is colorless !! “Happy Holi”
  • You are joking too, we are joking too, there is noise in the whole colony .. I am having fun with all the holi .. I want to make fun of my body, happy holi with fun! “Happy Holi 2021”.

So with these messages you can send Holi greetings to your loved ones and make the festival more colorful.


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