Holi meets lover couple … and thus the happy ending of the love story


Holi, a festival of colors that conveys love and colorful joys, has once worked to reunite two estranged lovers. The incident is from Bhagalpur district of Bihar. Rahul and Jyoti’s love story of Banshipur village in Kahalgaon in the district had a happy ending that smiled on everyone’s faces.


In fact, Rahul is a student of Inter from Bansipur village and Jyoti, a BA student, has four eyes and both fall in love with each other. After this, the two started secretly meeting. The game of hide and seek, which has been going on for a year, also took that turn when gradually the love story of both of them was revealed in the whole village.

Here, when the festival of Holi came, on the day of Holi, Jyoti reached her house to play colors with her boyfriend Rahul. Seeing Jyoti at home, Rahul also got ready to play Holi with her. While playing Holi, Rahul suddenly brought vermilion and filled the demand for Jyoti. Now this matter reached the family of both and a meeting of villagers was held about this. Let me tell you that in many states including Bihar, married couples simply cannot get married that they are of different caste and religion, but here it is pleasant that both Rahul and Jyoti were self-born. Because of this, both families gave their consent for their marriage. With the consent of both parties, it was agreed to get married on the second day of Holi.

The two were married with full ritualism at the Shiva temple in Bansipur village and everyone congratulated the new couple. Blessed. Rahul, the brother of four sisters, is the only son of father Chandraketu Mandal and mother Pushpa Devi. At the same time, Jyoti is the only daughter of father Panchanand Mandal and mother Pinki Devi between the two brothers.


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