His love for his ‘mother-in-law’ was so great that 11 daughters-in-law built the ‘mother-in-law’s temple’ and worshiped daily.


You are well aware of the controversy over the mother-in-law’s relationship, but at a time when the mother-in-law’s temple is built and you hear about puja and arti, there is no faith in it.

Every day in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, aarti is performed at the mother-in-law's temple adorned with gold ornaments

The daughters-in-law built their temple in memory of their mother-in-law, while the idol of the mother-in-law was adorned with gold ornaments (Photo courtesy – Social Media)

A report like this has been published from Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh, which seems hard to believe at least in this period, yes mother-in-law relationship has a nice match which you will be surprised to know because usually mother-in-law law-daughter-in-law relationship seems to be a bit strained in India Is done and often news of a quarrel comes but the situation is a bit different here


The 11 sisters-in-law living in Bilaspur built the temple of their mother-in-law. Also, he was adorned with gold ornaments and worshiped daily. It is said that all these daughters-in-law perform bhajan-kirtan once a month in front of the temple. There is Ratanpur village on Bilaspur-Korba road, about 20 km from Bilaspur district headquarters, there is a temple of Mahamaya Devi, which was built in 2010, this temple was built by a woman named Gita Devi, who was in 2010 This temple was built by her 11 daughters-in-law.

The statue of the mother-in-law was made of gold ornaments.

In memory of his mother-in-law, his mother-in-law decorated his temple with gold ornaments. His people say that all the daughters-in-law of the Goddess Gita worship at his temple every day, and bhajans are also performed every month. It is worth mentioning that retired teacher Shivprasad Tamboli has a joint family in Ratanpur village, this temple of his wife Geeta Devi, this family has 39 members, Geeta Devi died in 2010, the whole family still mourns her death.

The reason for this love is also clear, people say that when he was alive, he loved all his daughters-in-law and loved them like their daughters. When the daughters-in-law began to remind them after the death of their mother-in-law, they thought of building a temple for them and worshiping them every day, thus bringing this temple to the fore.

All the daughters-in-law of the Tamboli family are educated.

Gita Devi has three daughters-in-law and her Devarani too, they all said that Gita Devi liked her like a sister-in-law, not like a daughter-in-law or Devarani and did all the work with advice from daughter-in-law and Devnari, so they all missed all Tamboli family daughters educated . Everyone is a graduate and they help keep an eye on the home business.


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