Himachal Pradesh: BJP serious on the defeat in the by-election, there is a flurry of change on a large scale


The BJP leadership is taking very seriously the defeat of the party in the recently held assembly and Lok Sabha by-elections in Himachal Pradesh. Being the home state of party president JP Nadda, this is a matter of more concern for him. In such a situation, the party can soon make necessary changes to streamline the power and organization.

Himachal Pradesh has suffered the biggest setback for the BJP in the by-elections to the Assembly and Lok Sabha in various states in the country held last month. Here she lost to the Congress in the by-elections of three Vidhan Sabha and one Lok Sabha seat. Since it is the home state of national president JP Nadda, these results have been discussed more within and outside the party. According to sources, BJP President JP Nadda is also doing a comprehensive review of the situation in the entire state with these results. Recently, comprehensive details were also taken from Mandi seat in-charge Mahendra Singh Thakur and Minister Ramlal Markanda.

Central leadership worried about decrease in vote percentage


According to sources, the central leadership is also worried that not only has the BJP lost in the state, but its vote share has also come down drastically. In such a situation, the time ahead can be challenging. The party is not only reviewing the reasons for the defeat but also considering future changes. In this, some important changes are likely to be made both at the power and organizational level.

Saudan Singh’s report will prove to be very important

According to sources, the report of National Vice President Saudan Singh, who is looking after the organizational work of BJP in North India, will prove to be very important. After that the central leadership will take the decision. A prominent leader of the party said that recently major changes have been made in many states, in such a situation, if any discrepancy or deficiency is seen anywhere, then the party will not hesitate to take any kind of decision.


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