High court’s strict comment on the shortage of black fungus medicine, said – we are living in hell, we are helpless

The Delhi High Court on Friday expressed grief while hearing the petitions related to the drug shortage of black fungus and the problems being faced by the patients. The High Court said that we are living in this hell. Everyone is living in this hell. This is a situation where we want to help, but we are helpless.

The center submitted a report on the steps taken to acquire the drug and to tackle its shortage. The High Court directed the Center to present further details on the current status of import of drugs and when the consignment is likely to come.

Hearing on two petitions requesting instructions to provide medicines for two patients infected with black fungus, the High Court expressed helplessness on the situation and said that it could not issue any order for a particular patient to treat him instead of others. Should be given priority in

Advocate Rakesh Malhotra raised the issue of shortage of medicines for the treatment of black fungus and said that the number of patients suffering from this infection is increasing.

A bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Justice Jasmeet Singh said that the Central Government has presented a report and informed about the current situation of imports. It will be considered on Monday. It has to be indicated when 2.30 lakh vials are arriving and whether there is more availability of the medicine so that it can be imported.

The High Court held six hours of hearings on several cases related to the Kovid-19 epidemic. The court has asked the Center to come up with a concrete statement on May 31, what will happen to these 2.30 lakh vials and when are they reaching India. Whether an order has been placed for this or not.

Additional Solicitor General Chetan Sharma said that as of 9 am on May 28, there are 14,872 under-treated patients with mucarmycosis (black fungus) and 423 patients are in Delhi. He said the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has asked the Ministry of External Affairs to take steps to purchase 2,30,000 vials of liposomal amphotericin-B from Australia, Russia, Germany, Argentina, Belgium and China.

The Center has said in a report filed through lawyers Amit Mahajan, Kirtiman Singh and Nidhi Mohan Parasharan that the Ministry of External Affairs has also been asked to purchase 50,000 tablets of Isavuconazole. The Ministry of External Affairs is taking steps in this regard.

The Center informed that the production capacity of amphetericin-B liposomal injection within the country has also been increased. Production capacity in April was 62,000 injections, which increased to 140,000 in May and is expected to be 3,25,114 in June.


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