Heart is Hindustani! The authorities allowed the innocent to reach India from Afghanistan without a passport, VIDEO viral


A child was also among the 168 people who came to India by Air Force aircraft on Sunday morning, who were brought without a passport. After reaching Hindon airport, a video of the child has surfaced, in which a girl is seen making love to him. During this the girl looked very happy. The innocent sitting in his mother’s lap is also crying out. Its video is becoming quite viral on social media. People are liking it a lot.

Afghan national Kirpal Singh, who landed at Hindon airbase, told that his three-and-a-half-month-old child Iknoor did not have a passport. But the Indian government officials did not stop. An evacuation coordinating officer present on the spot said that yes, a small child has also come from the C-17 aircraft of the Indian Air Force. The health of the innocent is fine, yet the investigation will be done.

While a user on Twitter slammed the Taliban for the brutality, thanked the Central Government and the Indian Air Force for bringing the child to India. On the other hand, two women are seen carrying children in the picture tweeted by the spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs. This picture is of Kabul airport, where they are standing in line to board the plane.

It is known that along with 107 Indians, 23 Sikhs and Hindus from Afghanistan are also included in this aircraft.

When I reached my ground my eyes lit up

People are leaving the country because of the fear of Taliban in Afghanistan. On Sunday, people who arrived by special aircraft of the Indian Air Force at Hindon Air Force Station narrated their ordeal, most of them got teary-eyed. People say that despite living for generations, in just eight days, their condition became second-class. In many places in the country, people are leaving their homes and running straight towards Kabul Airport to save their lives. Taliban fighters are blocking Afghan nationals from entering the airport, while allowing foreign nationals to leave after seeing their passports.

had to come to India empty handed


He had been living in Kabul since childhood, but a week ago Talibani came to Kabul. Because of which everything got ruined. We have had to leave our homes and everything and come to India empty handed.
– Mandeep Singh, Kabul

left family work

His family worked as Hakeem for many generations. Leaving family work and home, he had to leave Afghanistan with family and about twenty Sikhs, including a three-and-a-half-month-old daughter.
– Kripal Singh, Kabul

world save our people

To save the life of the family, he has come to India with his wife and mother. It is difficult to stay there once the Taliban’s position in the country is strengthened. I want to say a lot about the country. The situation is bad. This is the prayer that the world should save our people.
– Majeed, Jalalabad

Airbase resonates with ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’

Indian citizens, including Afghans who came to India after saving their lives, shouted Bharat Mata ki Jai as soon as they reached Hindon Airbase. On seeing the media, Indians from Afghanistan and Afghans of Indian origin raised slogans many times. During this, people said that India stood with them in bad times, will never forget it.


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