Health worker who died after receiving corona vaccine in Gurugram last week, awaiting autopsy report


Government agencies have not yet reported any deaths from the vaccine, but so far hundreds of adverse effects have been reported.

A 56-year-old health worker in Gurugram Coronavirus vaccine covishield (Coronary Vaccine Covishield) died shortly after giving. The health worker died on Friday morning. Doctors say the cause of death is still unclear and awaiting an autopsy report. So far, more than 1 million people in the country have been vaccinated against corona. In India Covishield And the vaccine is being given.

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According to her family, the 5-year-old Rajbanti did not wake up on Friday morning, family members suspected. He was taken to Medenta Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Doctors said that the day Raj Vanti was vaccinated with the corona vaccine, they did not show any adverse effects. Gurugram Chief Medical Officer Dr Birendra Yadav said that the cause of the mortar was known only after the autopsy report. As long as he is able to continue, it would not be right to say that Rajbanti died due to vaccination.



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Earlier, a few days after receiving the corona vaccine, a case of death of a ward boy in Muradabad, UP was revealed, though an autopsy report found that he had died of a heart attack. The nationwide vaccination program in India started last Saturday. In the first phase, three crore health workers and frontline workers are to be vaccinated. Thereafter, those over 50 years of age and suffering from serious illness will be vaccinated. Everyone should be given two doses of the vaccine.

Both corona vaccines are safe: Government

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