Hathras case: Supreme Court says, ‘Listen to High Court, we are here to monitor’


The CJI said we should not consult with the whole world. We have heard of the accused / government / victim, it is enough now we will not hear any new application. With this, the Supreme Court reserved its decision.

Let the High Court hear the Hatras case. We are sitting here. The Supreme Court made the remarks during a hearing in the Hatras case on Thursday. The Supreme Court has directed that the case be referred to the Allahabad High Court. The CJI asked, ‘Why the matter should not be fully heard by the Allahabad High Court. I think last time all the lawyers advised to take this matter to Allahabad High Court. A bench of CJI SA Babade, Justice AS Bopanna and Justice V Ramasubramaniam is hearing the case. The Supreme Court has indicated that it will not hear other appeals. The CJI said we should not consult with the whole world. We have heard of the accused / government / victim, it is enough now we will not hear any new application. With this the Supreme Court preserves the decision. The bench said they would issue an order. The Supreme Court will issue the order today. He will decide whether the Supreme Court or the High Court will oversee the CBI investigation
, The case is transferred to Delhi and neither the victim’s family and witnesses will be protected by the UP Police or CRPF.


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On the issue, the UP government has said that we have given protection to all the family members. All the members of the family have been given 3 levels of protection. With the help of this, CCTV cameras have been installed in the house. During the hearing, the victim’s family lawyer Seema Kushwaha demanded that the case be transferred to Delhi. Solicitor General (SG) Tushar Mehta gave details of the safety of the victim’s family. According to the affidavit issued by the UP government on October 14, the details of which family has been given personal security have been given. He also said where the CCTV was installed

The victim’s brother was quoted as saying that he had hired Seema Kushwaha as his lawyer. However, public prosecutors will also be present to help. Seema Kushwaha said the victim’s family had said that a trial should be held in Delhi after the investigation was completed. Seema Kushwaha said the safety of witnesses and the families of the victims must be ensured. He said the matter of CBI investigation should be reported directly to the Supreme Court. In this regard, Tushar Mehta of the UP government said that the Supreme Court can monitor the whole matter and the UP government has no objection. The UP government is committed to proper investigation and justice. In the case, the CJI said that the High Court should hear the case, we are sitting here to monitor. On the advice of the victim’s family, he said the CBI should have submitted its status report to the Supreme Court and not to the state government. The UP government also agreed.

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The UP government said the High Court in its order referred to the victim’s family, which is not correct under the IPC.
SG Tushar Mehta said the government was not spared from the CBI probe. The state government is fully cooperating. Many families, including the victim’s father and mother, are being protected. But those who reveal the victim’s family name and identity are part of the punishment. This is a crime. The CJI has stated that they will be deleted from the official documents. The SG said he should be taken care of if strangers sue. The victims, the government and the investigating agencies are all there, but why this unnecessary intrusion? This arbitrariness should be stopped on the basis of Padma.


The petitioner’s lawyer Indra Joy Singh said a hearing should also be held today to move the petition from UP to Delhi. Veteran lawyer Siddhartha Luthra Indira appeared in favor of one of the accused as soon as he started objecting. Luthra said that you are arguing on behalf of a petitioner, whose petition has not yet been accepted by the Supreme Court for hearing. Regarding this, Indra Joy Singh said that the case should be transferred to Delhi and the Supreme Court should appoint a special consultant for this. He said the security of the central security forces should be given to the families of the victims and not to the UP police. Not only that, special public prosecutors should be appointed in this case. On behalf of the accused, Siddhartha Luthra said that the family or the FD should not publish the state investigation report of the victim.

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On behalf of UP, SG Tushar Mehta said that Teesta Shitalwad has no locks. No one has the right to collect money in the name of the victim. Siddharth said on behalf of Azam that the victim’s family was leaking information about the investigation, to which they objected. In this regard, the CJI said that they should take the matter before the High Court. Teesta Setalvad has nothing to do with it. No one can raise money in the name of the victim. Those who do this need to be identified and stopped. Aparna Bhatt, on behalf of the Teesta organization Citizens for Justice and Peace, said that our concerns are justified. Harish Salve said on behalf of the Director General of Police, strict security measures have been put in place. Whatever your order, we will do the same. SG Tushar Mehta said the CRPF was not needed to protect families or witnesses as the state was completely non-partisan.

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