Haribhumi-in-Exclusive: Government is soft, farmers are hot! Discussion with Chief Editor Dr. Himanshu Dwivedi

Haribhumi-in-Exclusive: Dr. Himanshu Dwivedi, Editor-in-Chief of Haribhumi-INH’s special program ‘Alochana’, again spoke about the January 22 meeting between farmers and the government.

Haribhumi-in Exclusive: In Haribhumi-INH’s special program ‘Discussion’, Chief Editor Dr. Himanshu Dwivedi again discussed the discussion between the farmers and the government on 22 January. There have been 11-point discussions between the farmers’ organizations and the central government for the return of the “Government Soft Farmers Warm” agricultural law. However, no concrete conclusion has been reached so far in the talks. In the 11th round of talks, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh made two proposals to your farmers. We will not enforce agricultural laws for a year and a half. Second, to form a new committee to discuss the MSP. Farmers’ organizations are considering both proposals from the government. The whole country is focused on the next round of talks on Friday.

Chief Secretary Dr Himanshu Dwivedi had special discussions with senior Congress leader Laxman Singh, former Chhattisgarh Agriculture Minister Brijmohan Agrawal, Indian Kisan Union president Naresh Tikait and veteran journalist Prem Kumar. These guests asked a lot of questions during the special program discussion …

Official soft, farmer hot!


Talks between the farmers and the government will be held on January 22

The eleventh meeting between the central government and the farmers’ organization will be held on Friday. In which the farmers have to respond to the proposals made by the Modi government. At a meeting held the previous day, the Center had proposed to suspend the Agriculture Act for a year and a half. After which the farmers held separate meetings. After the meeting, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh is optimistic about a solution at your next meeting.

However, the laws need to be repealed altogether, as the suspension of the law for the time being is not just for any change. Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said he was hopeful for a solution at the next meeting. I am glad that the farmers unions have taken our proposal seriously and said that they will consider it tomorrow and will consider their decision on 22nd January. I think the discussions are going in the right direction and there is a possibility of getting an offer soon. Now we have to see how soft and warm the government looks at the farmers’ meeting held on January 22.


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