Haribhoomi-Inh News: Annadata misguided or political dorah? Discussion with Editor-in-Chief Dr. Himanshu Dwivedi


Haribhoomi-Inh Exclusive: In the special program of ‘Haribhoomi-INH’ discussion, the Editor-in-Chief Dr. Himanshu Dwivedi spoke on the peasant movement.

Haribhoomi-Inh Exclusive: In the special program of ‘Haribhoomi-INH’ discussion, the Editor-in-Chief Dr. Himanshu Dwivedi spoke on the peasant movement. The reference is the peasant movement that has been going on for the last 76 days. The wall between the Center and farmer organizations on agricultural laws remains despite all efforts. At the Saharanpur Kisan Mahapanchayat, Priyanka tapped the center against the center. Speaking in the Lok Sabha, PM Modi accused the opposition of deviating from the issue of agricultural laws. During the address on the motion of thanks on the President’s address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also pointed to the stagnation in the conversation.

In the program discussion, Editor-in-Chief Dr. Himanshu Dwivedi held special discussions with BJP MLA Avtar Singh Bhadana, farmer leader Shiv Kumar Sharma, former BJP MP Virendra Kashyap and AICC Secretary Virendra Vashisht. During the special program discussion, these guests asked many questions …

Annadata Misguided or Political Dorah?



Discussion on agitation between farmers’ movement

For the past 76 days, farmers have been demonstrating on the borders of Delhi. Meanwhile, the statements of farmers and politicians are constantly coming out. During this time, the discussion of the word JV, the movement spoken by PM Modi, has intensified. For which Rahul Gandhi has also targeted. PM Modi said that these days a new breed of ‘professional protesters’ have emerged, who are like agitators.

Statement on farmer performance in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha

PM Modi used this word in recent times, targeting the people who hijacked the movement in the country. PM Modi said that we are well aware of some words like Shram-Jeeva and Buddha-Jeeva. But since few days I have seen that a new unit has come into the country. Wherever there is protest, all these people reach there. PM Modi had also appealed to the farmers to end the agitation.

Rahul Gandhi taunts PM Modi

Today, in the Lok Sabha, PM Modi had described the peasant movement as sacred. The agitators, not the agitators, have done the work of defaming the holy movement of the farmer. Therefore, it is very important for the country to differentiate between agitators and agitators. I consider the peasant movement sacred. The movement has importance in India’s democracy, but when the agitators are desecrating the holy movement for their benefit. At the same time, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had also tweeted on the agitational statement that it is Crony-GV who is selling the country. Along with this, Rahul Gandhi has also used a hashtag.



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