Hanging bridge collapses in Assam, 30 students injured; Accident happened while returning home from school


A major accident occurred due to the collapse of the hanging bridge in Assam. 30 students have been injured in this accident. The accident took place in Karimganj district of the state. It is being told that all these students were returning home from school when this hanging bridge collapsed. After this accident, there was an uproar in the Cheragik area falling in the Ratabari assembly of Karimganj.

According to reports, this hanging bridge is built over Singla River. This is the only bridge that connects the Cheragir area with the village. For three years, these students use this bridge for commuting. On Monday too, these students went to school via this bridge. But while returning from school, the bridge collapsed and the accident happened.

It is being told that when these students of Cheragik Vidyapeeth High School tried to cross the river with the help of this bridge, only then this bridge suddenly collapsed. Local people reached the spot and helped the students. It is also being said that many students fell into the river. But the local people saved these students with great difficulty in time.


In some media reports, villagers are being quoted as saying that this bridge was constructed only 3 years ago. However, after this accident, the injured students were admitted to the hospital for treatment. Recall that a week ago, three boys died after drowning in the Brahmaputra river near Pandu Ghat in Guwahati, the capital of Assam. Actually, during that time also the children were returning from tuition and during that time the boys jumped to swim in the river and during this time they died due to drowning.



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