Great relief! Railways decide, special trains will continue between Corona lockdown in Bihar


Special trains will continue to operate during the lockdown applicable from 16 to 31 July in Bihar. Special train from Saharsa to New Delhi Vaishali Express will be coming every day.

After getting off the bus train, passengers will have to arrange themselves to go to their destinations including home. Information to this effect was given on Wednesday through a proclamation from the inquiry center at Saharsa station. Meanwhile, Chief Public Relations Officer of East Central Railway, Rajesh Kumar said that in view of increasing cases of corona virus in Bihar, the state government has decided to impose lockdown from 16 to 31 July to prevent its spread.


During this time, the special trains currently being run will continue to operate. According to the order issued by the Bihar government for the lockdown, the movement of public transport will be stopped. Taxis, auto-rickshaws and e-rickshaws have been continued to be operationalized under the anticipated activities related to rescue from Corona. Also, it has been said that private vehicles will also be used. In the same order, a letter issued by the Transport Department of the Government of Bihar urged the passengers reaching Bihar state by train to make proper arrangement of the vehicle at their own level due to the ban on the movement of public transport from the station to their destination. is. For this reason, during the lockdown period from 16 to 31 July, the passengers coming to Bihar state by train are required to arrange proper ride before reaching the station from the station to its destination. So that they do not have any kind of discomfort.

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The announcement was made on the instructions of Senior DCM

The inquiry center of Saharsa and other stations was announced on the instructions of Saraswati Chandra, Senior DCM of Samastipur division. In Saharsa, DCI Rajesh Ranjan Srivastava kept standing and proclaimed to the inquiry center that the passengers should arrange for the vehicle to go from the station to the destination in the lockdown period.

11 thousand passengers traveled from Saharsa and other stations

More than 11 thousand passengers traveled on Wednesday from a special train open to Delhi from other stations including Saharsa. CPRO said that on Wednesday, 33 thousand passengers from various stations of East Central Railway traveled by special train.

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