Government will reward those who take those injured in road accident to hospital, know how much amount will be received


The Central Government will give cash reward and appreciation letters to the citizens who take the seriously injured in a road accident to the hospital. Under this scheme, the district administration will be able to give a cash reward of Rs 5000 to a good citizen (person or persons) maximum five times in a year. Whereas in the government honor ceremony held every year, he will be given one lakh rupees in cash. This scheme will run till March 2026. Its purpose is to motivate the common citizens to take them to the nearest hospital-trauma center instead of ignoring the seriously injured lying on the road in the accident.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways on Monday issued guidelines related to reward scheme for citizens who take serious injured in road accidents to hospital-trauma center in golden hour (within one hour of accident). It is to be noted that the ministry has started a scheme to give an annual reward of five lakh rupees and provide financial assistance to the trusts, NGOs, institutions working on road safety last year.
After this, in the new scheme, it has been decided to give an amount of 5000 rupees to any person or persons (good urban) for one time help. This scheme will run from 15 October 2021 to March 2026. It is mentioned in this that the state governments will open a separate bank account for this cash scheme. The central government will provide them five lakh rupees in the initial phase.

new portal will start


The Ministry of Road Transport will start a new portal. The district administration will enter the details of the name, address, mobile number, incident information etc. of the citizen helping the injured every month on the said portal. Apart from this, the local police or hospital-trauma center administration will also be able to upload this information on the portal. The District Administration Committee will be able to give a cash amount of 5000 rupees to the selected citizen for helping in each accident. But this amount will be given only a maximum of five times in a year. Fatal extend includes surgery for the injured, hospitalization for three days and spinal cord surgery. Every year, the Road Transport Ministry will give national level honors to the best citizens, in which they will be given a cash reward of one lakh rupees.

It may be noted that the Ministry of Road Transport has already given legal protection to good citizens. In this, the police-hospital administration will not be able to pressurize a good citizen to give identity, name, address, mobile number. The police will not ask them to call the police station. Nor can he be made a witness in a civil or criminal case. Good townspeople may voluntarily disclose their identity or wish to appear in court as a witness. It will depend on their wish.



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