Good news for liquor lovers, Delhi government relaxes application norms for serving liquor at parties


There is good news for wine lovers. The Excise Department of the Delhi government has relaxed the criteria for applying for the P-10 license required to serve liquor at parties. Under this, those planning the event have been allowed to obtain permits and purchase liquor from six shops seven days before the event.

A P-10 license is required for serving liquor at any party, function, wedding and other such events inside specific premises in Delhi which includes farm houses, banquet halls, motels, except in public parks, subject to certain conditions. Officials said the relaxation will be in force till November 30.

A senior excise department official said that earlier, anyone seeking a P10 license had to apply for a license two days before the event and could buy Indian and foreign liquor from only three shops.

A circular issued by the Excise Department last week said that P-10 licenses can be sought seven days before the event or party and the applicant can buy liquor from six shops. The circular states that the relaxation will be applicable till November 30.


He said the relaxation would mean, party organizers would have more time to organize and dispose of events and any last-time glitches in obtaining licences would be removed.

The conditions for holding a P-10 license include not serving alcohol to adults below the age of 25 and purchasing alcohol from authorized sources in Delhi. An individual or organization can apply for a P-10 license in the prescribed format online or through the Excise Department and designated liquor shops.

The official said that no license is required for a person to serve liquor to his guests and family members at his residence, provided the liquor is within the prescribed limit of nine liters.



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