‘Fundamental rights being snatched away by population explosion’, petition in SC for population control, demands to make states a party


A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court regarding population control measures, in which all the states and union territories have been demanded to form a party. Advocate Ashwini Upadhyay, in his application, has sought to fix the rule of producing only two children in the country. Ashwini Upadhyay said in his application that the explosion of population is the main reason for the problems arising in the country. This is putting pressure on natural resources. He had earlier filed a similar application in the Delhi High Court, which rejected it from hearing.

Earlier, the Central Government had said in the Supreme Court that it would not be right to impose family planning on the families in India and opposite results can be seen. The government said that this may change the demography, which will be a matter of concern. By filing an affidavit, the central government had told the Supreme Court that the family welfare program in the country is at the level of awareness so that the couple should keep their decision on family planning right. We want people to do family planning from their own understanding and there should not be any kind of pressure situation for that.


‘If Bangladeshis and Rohingyas are included then our population is more than China’

Now, while filing a petition in the Supreme Court seeking to curb the rate of population growth, Ashwini Upadhyay said that Article 21 of the Constitution guarantees the right to clean air, drinking water, health, peaceful sleep, shelter, livelihood and security. failed to consolidate. It was said in the application that due to population explosion, no work is being done on these rights. In the application filed in the High Court, it was said that the country has overtaken China in terms of population. Reasoning behind this, it was said that 20 percent of the population does not even have an Aadhar card. Apart from this, if Rohingya and Bangladeshis living illegally in the country are added, then this number is more than China.

Population explosion is said to be the root cause of heinous crimes

It was said in this application that due to population explosion, corruption is increasing. Apart from this, this is also the root cause of heinous crimes. Cases like rape, domestic violence are due to this. He said that due to population explosion, pollution is increasing and the natural resources on the earth are getting depleted.


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