From this year do include, cannot avoid the matter of gender equality; Supreme Court said on entry of women in NDA


The Supreme Court has ordered the central government to allow women to appear in the NDA entrance examination from this year itself. The Center had told the Supreme Court that the National Defense Academy will allow women to appear in the entrance exam in the next year i.e. in May 2022. The Supreme Court turned down the Centre’s demand and said that women should be allowed to appear in the NDA exam to be held on November 14 this year. During the hearing, the court compared it to an emergency situation and said that the armed forces are best suited to deal with emergencies.

According to the news, the court said that if any problem arises after the examination, then the government can inform the court. HighThe Supreme Court said that we do not want women to be deprived of their rights. The Defense Ministry should take necessary steps in collaboration with UPSC.

The Supreme Court also said that a delay of one year will end everything. Justice SK Kaul said that we do not want to delay the process but we are not going to fix the exact time frame about the date by which notification should be issued to UPSC. The court said that the armed forces have dealt with a number of emergency situations. They are trained to deal with emergencies and will be able to deal with it.


In an affidavit filed on Tuesday, the Central Government had said that now the process of preparing suitable medical standards for women officers is also going on. The affidavit said that the Directorate General of Armed Forces Medical Services and the body of experts will conduct necessary exercises for the three defense services and determine and formulate medical standards keeping in view various aspects such as their age, nature of training.



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