From Bengal to Puducherry, Congress’s plundered lutia, celebrating BJP’s defeat


The Congress party, which has ruled the country’s power for years, has had a very poor performance from West Bengal to Puducherry. Despite this, the party is expressing happiness over the victory and defeat of others. In Bengal, where the BJP’s dream of forming a government was defeated in Mamta’s storm, the Congress party has done the worst. Apart from this, the Congress party has also suffered heavy losses in Kerala, Assam and Puducherry.

Congress flew into Mamta’s storm


The biggest setback in Bengal has been the alliance of leftist parties and the Congress, whose account has not even been opened. The Left parties, which ruled uninterrupted in the state for three decades and the Congress, which ruled continuously for two decades, will be out of the assembly for the first time. The collapse of the alliance of the Left parties and the Congress was very beneficial for the Trinamool Congress. It comfortably achieved the 200 mark, while the BJP could not reach even three digits (hundred and so forth). The Congress party failed to win a single seat.

Rahul sheds strength, yet loss in Kerala

In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi decided to contest the Lok Sabha elections from Wayanad seat in Kerala. He also got a bumper win from here. After this, he continued to visit Kerala. In this assembly election too, he had thrown his full force. He spent the most time in Kerala. However, according to which Rahul has shown his strength in Kerala, the party’s performance was very disappointing. The Congress, with 56 MLAs, managed to win just 40 seats in the election result.

Rahul-Priyanka pair could not even win in Assam

As soon as the elections in Assam were over, the Congress shifted all its candidates to other states. She felt at one time that she could get close to power. However, the results were different. In the Assam elections, Rahul Gandhi and his sister Priyanka Gandhi campaigned extensively. He also resorted to Shaft Hindutva to woo voters, despite the state’s return to power was not successful. The Congress party could not even reach close to power. In this election, the country’s oldest party has lost 10 seats. She was reduced to 46 to 36 seats.

23 to 4 seats in Puducherry

With the resignation of the MLAs, the Congress Party’s government in the Union Territory of Puducherry came into a minority just before the announcement of elections. After this, President’s rule was imposed in the state. The Congress party has suffered heavy losses in this assembly election. The party that has been ousted from power has stayed in 23 to 4 seats. This is a very disappointing performance.

Congress not celebrating its defeat, Congress celebrating BJP’s defeat

The Congress party, which had a disappointing performance in four states, is happy with the BJP’s defeat. Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi congratulated the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for the overwhelming victory of the Trinamool Congress in West Bengal. “I congratulate Mamta Banerjee ji and the people of West Bengal for defeating BJP,” she said in a Facebook post. Apart from her, Congress leader Manish Tiwari tweeted congratulating Mamta, “Today Jhansi Ki The queen again wrote history. ”


From Bengal to Puducherry, Congress’s plundered lutia, celebrating BJP’s defeat
From Bengal to Puducherry, Congress’s plundered lutia, celebrating BJP’s defeat


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