Four corridors of Delhi Metro are under the shadow of economic crisis, the effect of reduction in the revenue of ‘AAP’ government


The effect of the financial crunch of the Delhi government is now visible on the metro projects as well. Due to the fall in the revenue of the government, at present, four corridors of the metro have been left out of the priority list of the Delhi government. In this, three corridors of 43.45 km are from Metro Phase IV, while one is from Kirti Nagar to Bamnauli Village. Neo Metro is to be run on this for the first time. Its DPR was sent by Delhi Metro even before Kovid and the approval of the government is awaited.

Six corridors of total 108 km were to be built in Metro Phase IV. So far three corridors have been approved, on which work has started, but till now the remaining three corridors are Nareva-Rithala-Bawana (22.91 km), Lajpatnagar to Saket (7.96 km) and Indraprastha to Indralok (12.58 km). has not been approved. To reduce the cost, it has been decided to run Metro Light on the biggest Narela-Bawana corridor, which has reduced its cost by 30 percent to just 2714 crores.

Not in the mood to invest Rs. If sources are to be believed, the file of the remaining three corridors of Metro Phase 4 is already lying with the Delhi government before Kovid. Apart from the three corridors, there is a plan to build a 19-km corridor from Kirti Nagar to Bamnauli Village in Delhi. Earlier there was a plan to run Light Metro on it, but now Neo Metro will be run on it to reduce the cost.

With this, its cost will now come down from Rs 2673 crore to Rs 2000 crore. The revenue of the Delhi government has come down with the Delhi Metro, since then the government is not in a mood to invest money on such schemes at the moment.

Fall Revenue: According to the Delhi government, there has been a big decline in their revenue for the last two years. In the financial year 2020-21, when the government expected revenue of more than 50 thousand crores, then it got 41 percent less revenue. The government’s revenue has come down due to the lockdown. So far in the current financial year 2021-22, the government is lagging behind the revenue target. It has declined by 23 per cent. This is the reason why the government is currently taking forward the necessary schemes.

Benefits of becoming: If three corridors of phase four are approved, then the people living there will get the benefit. The people of that area will get the benefit of Indraprastha corridor from Indralok. At present there is Indralok metro station. From there, people have to first come to Kirti Nagar on the Blue Line to come to New Delhi. With the construction of this corridor, people will be directly connected. Similarly, the Narela-Rithala-Bawana corridor will benefit the people of these areas as well as the sub-cities being settled here by the DDA. There is a plan to build 2.50 lakh flats here. According to the DPR, DDA is ready to give Rs 200 crore for the construction of this corridor.

What’s special?

108.55 km to be built in Metro Phase IV

06 Corridor is planned to be built in this phase

Three corridors of 65.10 km have been approved

Awaiting approval for three corridors of 43.45 km

decrease in government revenue


Fiscal year revenue estimate found low

2020-21 50,000 41%

2021-22 43,000 23%

(Rs. in crore) less (so far)

Metro revenue decreased

financial year revenue

2019-20 Rs 3,897.3 crore

2020-21 Rs 895.9 crore.

On which corridor is the work going on?

At present work is going on on three corridors of 65.10 km of Phase IV between Tughlakabad to Aerocity, Janakpuri West to RK Ashram and Maujpur to Majlis Park. All three corridors had already got approval from the Center before Kovid.



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