For the first time the passenger train in lockdown, Shramik Express reached Ranchi carrying 1200 laborers


new Delhi: The ghar wapsi express has started for people stranded in different parts of the country. On the request of the states, the Railways have sent 6 special trains and sent students and laborers home. It is expected that the way will also be opened for those who want to return home.

Please tell that after 40 days, the first passenger train of the railway reached its station. This special train of Railways reached Hatia railway station in Ranchi with 1200 laborers. After this, the series of workers started one by one. According to the preparations, each bogie was opened and the laborers came out of it following social distancing. After this, according to the preparations, all the workers were sent to sit in fixed buses. Now all the laborers will be examined at the district headquarters and after this, everyone will have to stay in the home quarantine for 14 days. These are the workers who were brought to Ranchi by train from Lingampalli station in Telangana. After a long wait at the station itself, he got a chance to return home today.


On the appeal of the Telangana government, the central government ran this special train as a trial. This train left from Telangana at 5 am yesterday. These are not the only trains. A total of 6 such trains have been run to remove laborers and students. The special thing is that social distancing is being taken care of in these trains. Only 56 people are being given space in the train’s bogie instead of 72.

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The train left Rajasthan’s Kota, not only the laborers but also the students. The bogies were prepared according to the different districts. In thirty bogies, 1490 students were sent to Ranchi. Applause was seen everywhere while leaving the students. Though social distancing was taken care of in the train, the crowd gathered outside the station and on the railway platform looked intimidating. According to this guideline of the Ministry of Railways, 6 trains have been run as an experiment. Which includes


Trains between Telangana to Jharkhand
Nashik in Maharashtra to Lucknow in UP
Nashik to MP Bhopal
Jaipur in Rajasthan to Patna in Bihar
Ranchi in Jharkhand from Rajasthan’s Kota
And trains between Aluva in Kerala to Bhubaneswar in Odisha

In fact, the Ministry of Home Affairs has allowed the Railway Ministry to run special trains for laborers, pilgrims and students stranded at different places.

According to the instructions of the Ministry of Home Affairs

The train will run from one station to another and for this, the consent of the governments of both the states will be necessary.
The government of the state from where the train will start will first have to screen all the passengers
Only those with no symptoms of corona will be allowed to board the train
There is no rush in the train, so the state government will decide how many people will go on the train at a time.
No passengers will be issued tickets to board the train
These trains will not stop at any station in between
On reaching the destination station, the state government will arrange for all the passengers to reach their homes, screening and quarantining them.

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Overall, this decision of the government has brought news of relief. In the coming days, people stranded everywhere will now be transported to their homes with the help of buses and trains.



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