First social media lashed out; Now in legal trouble; Legal notice to Sabyasachi on mangalsutra ad


Noted fashion and jewelery designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee, who is facing flak from social media for his controversial ad campaign featuring mangalsutra, is now in legal trouble. The legal advisor of the BJP has sent a legal notice to fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee on the controversial ad of mangalsutra. Advocate Ashutosh Dubey, BJP’s legal advisor for Palghar district in Maharashtra, on Saturday issued a legal notice to fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee for using a ‘half-naked model’ in an advertisement featuring mangalsutra and hurting religious sentiments.

Advocate Ashutosh Dubey in his notice said that the advertisement is completely derogatory to the entire Hindu community as well as Hindu marriage and asked to close the advertisement within 15 days. The legal notice read, “I state that the models in your promotional social media posts are either alone or in an intimate situation with others.” One picture shows a female model wearing a black choli and Sabyasachi mangalsutra with her head resting on a shirtless male model. It is totally disrespectful to Hindu community as well as Hindu marriage.’

The legal advisor to BJP further said in the notice that the mangalsutra symbolizes that the bride and groom will be companions for life till death can separate them and you are displaying the “mangalsutra” in an obscene manner. , this is outrageous. He said that the models in these pictures wearing mangalsutra in intimate attire are also derogatory and it hurts religious sentiments.

Actually, some people have been furious after seeing Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s new ad campaign. There are pictures of some models related to the ad of Mangalsutra on his social media handle, which people are calling porn. Many people are demanding to remove these photos by calling them obscene and nudity. People are writing against this ad on Twitter. Many pictures of this jewelery campaign are viral on social media.

The model is wearing bra and jeans

People are expressing displeasure over the advertisement of fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s new jewelery collection. There are some pictures on his official social media handles which are being opposed. In the photo, the woman wearing mangalsutra is wearing only a bra. Along with that there is also a mail model. However, there are also models wearing sarees in this campaign. Pictures of two male and two female models are also visible.

jewelery is too expensive

Sabyasachi has launched the Intimate Fine Jewelery Collection. She has shared pictures from Royal Bengal Mangalsutra and Bengal Tiger Icon Necklace Collection. There are also earrings and rings with them. This jewelery of Diamond, Gold and Semi Precious Stones is very expensive. According to reports, jewelery starts from Rs 1,65,000.




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