Find out what happened when the bride went straight to the DM, worried about her wedding procession


An incident has come to light in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh where a young woman was so worried about her procession that she went straight to the district magistrate’s office.


  • The girl reached the DM of Aligarh, bid – make the road before the procession
  • The woman went home happy to receive the DM’s order
  • The DMO praised the girl’s passion

Aligarh: You have often heard or seen stories of brides asking for dowry on the occasion of marriage, but we are going to tell you an incident where a bride made such a demand for her marriage from DM that she was surprised. To listen. This is the case in Iglas tehsil of Aligarh district in Uttar Pradesh. Karishma, a resident of Hastapur village here, is going to get married next month but before the marriage she reached the district magistrate’s office with a request.

What is the whole matter

Arriving at the DM’s office, Karisma said that she was going to get married soon but the road conditions in her village had deteriorated and it could be very difficult for her to enter the village in such a procession. He immediately requested the DMK to construct the village road. DM Karisma appreciated this spirit and took immediate action, instructing the concerned officer to build a village road before Karisma’s marriage.


Karisma got married on February 22

The third of three brothers and three sisters is a charismatic educated young woman who has done B.Ed. According to Karisma, the condition of the road in his village is very bad and there are grooves in it which are filled with mud. Karisma said in her complaint letter that she was married on February 2 and could face many difficulties in getting the procession to the village due to bad roads.

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DM took immediate action

DM Chandrabhushan Singh also praised Karisma’s passion. Taking immediate action, he telephoned the DRDO and concerned officials and instructed them to visit the village immediately and start construction of the road through MNREGA or any other project. The DM has ordered that the construction of the village road should be completed before the marriage.


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