Feluda test now to test carnivirus, learn all about it


A test for coronavirus investigation is coming soon, a feature that is being discussed as it could become an alternative to the current best RT-PCR test.

Cheap, short-term results and accurate results like the RT-PCR test – the Feluda test is coming soon for the Corona test. A test for coronavirus investigation is coming soon, it is being discussed that it could be an alternative to the current best RT-PCR test and could quickly run antigen tests. This new test is known as the Feluda Paper Strip Test. This new method has been tested in the country to test corona.

Feluda Paper Strip Test Method –

1. First a sample is taken from the person’s nose.
2. RNA is then isolated from that sample.
3. In addition to increasing the amount of DNA, DNA is made by placing it in a normal PCR machine from a 40 minute process.
4. Next, a special type of protein is added, called CAS-9, as well as ‘guide RNA’. Then leave it for 10 minutes.
5. The strip buffer is then poured so that the result is clearly visible on a strip of paper.
This. After that, leave the strip on for 2 minutes.
The. Line 1 of the strip means the person is corona negative and line 2 means the person is corona positive.


Who developed the test technique?

The experiment was developed by Dr. Debojyoti Chakraborty and Dr. Sauvik Maiti, two scientists from the Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (IGIB) under the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). The scientist who developed this new method of testing is Dr. According to Sauvik Maiti, “Speaking of the accuracy of this test, the sensitivity and specificity of the laboratory is more than 95 percent. That is as true as the RT-PCR test, it takes an hour to produce the result. Being done.

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RT-PCR Test vs. Rapid Antigen Test vs. Feluda Test

1. RT-PCR test

The RT-PCR test has been considered as the best in providing accurate results. ICMR recognizes the same RT-PCR test kit, which has 95 percent sensitivity and 99 percent specification. Sensitivity refers to the ability of tests to accurately identify sick people, while precision means the ability to test to accurately identify people who do not have the disease. However this test can only be done in the laboratory and it is expensive. If you talk about the capital Delhi, there is a test price of পরীক্ষ 2400. It takes 1 to 2 days to get the results of this test.


2. Quick antigen test

The speed of the rapid antigen test is 99 percent, the sensitivity is between 50 and 84 percent, which means it is weak in identifying a person infected with a corona, so the reliability of this test continues to be questioned. The results of this test come in only 15 to 30 minutes, no special equipment or laboratory is required for this. It costs around 450-500 rupees.

3. Feluda paper strip test

The sensitivity of the Feluda paper strip test is 9 percent and the specification is 99 percent, meaning that only 4 out of 100 people will not be identified after being infected, but only two out of 100 people are not infected and are mistakenly found to be infected. A small laboratory will be required to perform this test, where a simple PCR machine will be required. This PCR machine costs around one lakh rupees. According to the scientists who developed it, highly trained people are not needed for such experiments. People with little knowledge can also be employed in this test. Tata Medical & Health has the right to make this test kit.

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When will this test kit come on the market?

The test has been approved by ICMR, Indian Council of Medical Research and Tata Medical and Health has the right to make this test kit. According to the country’s health minister, Dr Harsh Vardhan, “the exact date is not known, but it is hoped that the test kit will be available in the next few weeks.”

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