Farmers ‘protest Live Update: Farmers’ ‘tractor rally’ begins, heavy security forces deployed at Delhi border


Farmers protest: Farmers leaders said that thousands of farmers from all the protest sites in Singhu, Tikri, Gazipur and Shahjahanpur (Haryana-Rajasthan border) will hold a tractor procession for Kundli-Manesar-Palwal (KMP) in January.

The farmers protested The farmers’ movement against the central government over the new agricultural law continues. At the same time, farmers are being forced to protest for 43 days in the cold and rain of Delhi. Farmers, on the other hand, have started a tractor assembly today. Because the farmers started a tractor rally from the Gazipur border to wake up the sleeping government. Farmer leaders said thousands of farmers would march for the Kundli-Mannesar-Palwal (KMP) in January from all the protest sites in Singhu, Tikri, Gazipur and Shahjahanpur (Haryana-Rajasthan border).

Farmers will assemble a tractor today at four borders of Delhi, including the East and West Peripheral Expressways. A large number of security forces have been deployed along the Sinhu border ahead of the farmers’ tractor march ahead of the tractor assembly. At the same time, Indian Farmers Union spokesperson Rakesh Tikait said the tractor assembly was ready for January 26. Our route is from here to Dasna, after that we will stop at Aligarh Road, there will be an anchor, from there we will come back again and the tractor will go to Palwal with Noah.

We are doing this to convince the government. One of the protesters said that today we are going to assemble a tractor, our route will be the Ticker Border from here, then the Gazipur border. We will take our rights. Earlier, Yogendra Yadav, leader of the Swaraj campaign at the Sinhu border, said it had been seven months since the new law was enacted and the government had held seven rounds of talks with farmers but had not heard seven words from farmers who wanted the agriculture law back.

Farmers continue to protest against the agricultural law in Burari’s Nirangari assembly ground. Binder Singh, district chief of Faridkot (Punjab), told Gola Bhala that we would start our tractor walk at 11 am today. We will go to the border from here. January 26th is our preparation.

Security has been beefed up at Kundli-Mannesar-Palwal Toll Plaza (KMP) in the wake of farmers’ tractor walks in Nuhe, Haryana. The sub-inspector said the administration has made complete arrangements. No tractor of Kisan assembly will be allowed to get on KMP, toll will be stopped.




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