Farmer’s hut removed from UP border, but the way did not open; people are still worried


Despite the removal of the hut by the farmers at the UP gate, the way has not opened. Even now the service road of NH-24 is closed and people have to struggle to go from Ghaziabad to Delhi and Noida. One has to reach Delhi by the changed route. Every day people are facing problems like jam to reach Delhi. There is still a three-level barricading at the UP gate. There are also farmers’ huts in the middle of the barricading. This situation has been prevailing since November 26 last year. This is affecting the way of thousands of people.

A lot of people move towards Delhi from areas like Ghaziabad, Noida etc. Then they also reach their homes in the evening, but people are facing problems in traveling to Delhi, Noida etc. Every day people commuting to Delhi have to use changed routes. Here the problem is facing the problem of traffic jam. Where earlier the journey from Noida to Delhi was 20 minutes, the journey has now changed to hours. Farmers vacating their huts from Delhi Meerut Expressway have given a clear indication that they have not blocked the way.


On Friday, farmers wrote on the barricading at the UP gate that the government was responsible for the barricading. At the same time, people’s trouble continues due to non-opening of roads including service road. On Friday morning, the movement of farmers at the UP Gate remained normal. The agitating farmers were also seen discussing about the opening of the way in front of their tents. He also targeted the government for putting up barricading. BKU’s national spokesperson Rakesh Tikait said about opening the way that we have nothing in our hands. There is no way closed from our side. Along with the farmers, he himself wrote on the barricading that the way should be opened.



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