Family of CPM leader’s daughter accused of snatching child, police engaged in investigation


The 23-year-old daughter of a senior CPI(M) leader has accused her parents of forcibly snatching her newborn baby a year ago soon after it was born. The girl repeatedly pleaded with the police to bring back her child but the police delayed the hearing. CPI(M) local committee member PS Jayachandran’s daughter Anupama S Chandran has made this allegation. The girl said that she has lodged a complaint with the police several times since April, but they have been reluctant to register a case against the family members.

However, Perurkada police said that a case was registered against six persons including her parents, sister and husband and two friends of the father on Tuesday and added that the delay was because they were waiting for a legal opinion. He said that several charges have been framed under IPC sections 343 (wrongful confinement), 361 (kidnapping by wrongful guardianship), 471 (using fake document as original) etc.

Anupama, a former leader of the Students Federation of India (SFI), a feeder organization of the CPI(M), alleged that she had submitted her complaint to senior leaders of the Marxist party, including Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, but no one tried to bring back the child. did not help them.

According to Anupama’s complaint, her parents did not like her relationship with Ajit, who was also the leader of the Left Party’s youth federation. Since the child was born after marriage, they forcibly took the child away from him. She was discharged from the hospital three days after delivery. She said that she left her house in April and has been living with Ajith since then. His father Jayachandran admitted that he had separated the child from his daughter, police said, but during interrogation he claimed that it was with her consent.


Police said the father claimed that the girl had given her consent by signing on a stamp paper that she had no objection in handing over the child as she was not able to take care of the baby. However, the girl said that the family Forced him to sign.”

According to the father’s statement, the child was kept in an electric cradle located opposite the Government Child Welfare Center at Thycaud here in October last year. As per the rules of the centre, when they get the baby in the crib, they will keep the baby with them for the next two months. He said that if no one comes to claim ownership of the child, they will allow the public to adopt the child.

The police officer said, “We have contacted the welfare committee officials. They have admitted that they had got a child on the same day, but refused to divulge any further details as it was based on their rules and regulations regarding adoption. It’s against the norms.” The official said that investigation is on to collect more information and trace the child.



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