Facebook in trouble, now former employee accused of giving more importance to profits than security of users


These are bad times for Facebook. Two days ago, all its products were stalled for more than six hours, causing loss of thousands of crores to the company and now the whistleblower has increased the problems by appearing before the US Senate subcommittee. The company has been accused of ignoring issues such as teenage safety on its platforms, especially on Instagram, dispute resolution to make profits. The company also hid its internal survey, which revealed how Instagram’s algorithm is negatively affecting the minds of youth.

Whistleblower Francis Haughan said that when it came to people’s interests, Facebook gave more importance to its profits than its profits. Haughan, a former Facebook employee, has also complained about the company to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, including complaints related to India. Haughan has also submitted documents with his complaint, including one detailing how Facebook promoted accounts operated by or linked to the RSS. Not only this, posts containing hate speech have also been accused of not taking action on Facebook. Haughan said the company had taken action on only 0.2 per cent of such posts.

Apart from this, Facebook also lacks language classifiers. Due to this, the company is not able to check the content in languages ​​like Hindi and Bengali. The complaint said that Facebook lacked classifiers that understood Hindi and Bengali. Due to this, he did not take any action on the hate speech posted in these languages. Let us tell you that Facebook has more than 34 crore users in India. This is a large number out of its total active 2.89 billion users worldwide. Classifiers is an automated system and algorithm designed to detect hate speech posted on Facebook. Facebook claimed in 2019 that it had classifiers in 4 Indian languages ​​- Bengali, Hindi, Urdu and Tamil, but this disclosure showed that it lacked in Bengali.


Zuckerberg answered all the allegations against the company

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg has termed all allegations made by Haughan as false and baseless. Zuckerberg said on Haughan’s allegations that if we were a company that ignored research, then why would we start an industry-leading research program. Zuckerberg said, ‘Haughan has said in his allegations that we have focused more on security and profit than the interests of the people. This is completely wrong.’ Zuckerberg said that we make money from advertisements. That is why we also tell the ad makers that such advertisements should not be given, which are harmful to the people or they annoy them.



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