Eye on Mission 2024; BJP is doing this special preparation for Dalit and tribal communities


The BJP, which is preparing the ground for 2024 by adopting social equations along with political equations, is doing special work on the strategy to bring Dalit and tribal community with them. For this, the party is reaching out to these communities in different ways in different states. BJP is trying to build a complete campaign at the national level. Since the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP has been continuously achieving electoral success by adopting social equations. This is the reason that he has also made his strong ground in all the states of the country.

Meanwhile, the sphere of influence of parties representing different ethnic communities has also been dented. After recently deciding to celebrate Tribal Pride Day, the BJP has now started reaching out to tribal communities across the country. In fact, there is no major party representing tribals at the national level, except for a few smaller parties in Jharkhand and the Northeast.


It is worth noting that the support of the tribal community has been getting earlier to the Congress and then to the BJP. There are a large number of parties doing OBC politics in various social equations. Many parties are active in Dalit politics across the country. The BJP’s future strategy is in view of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

In this, along with the OBC and Dalit communities, it is weaving a strategic fabric targeting the tribal community. The Dalit and Adivasi fronts of the party are also being activated, who will go among the people regarding the decisions being taken by the central government for these communities and work to connect them with them. For this, special campaigns are also being organized in different states. In the coming months, the party is also preparing to hold special conventions for Dalit and Adivasi communities.


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