Expressway is being built in UP, arena of politics


Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Purvanchal Expressway near Karawal Kheri village in Sultanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. If the ruling BJP claims development, then opposition leader Akhilesh Yadav is taking the credit for it himself. On the expressway, PM Modi came directly in the Air Force Aircraft C-130J Super Hercules aircraft and developed development in the backward Purvanchal area of ​​UP. Hinted to write a new chapter. But even before this program of the Prime Minister, the inauguration of the expressway remained in the political discussions. Former Chief Minister and Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav tweeted, “The lace came from Lucknow and the scissors came from New Delhi, ‘Khichham-Kinchai’ to take credit for the work of SP.” Samajwadi Party claims that Purvanchal Express is the idea of ​​his government and it was also inaugurated in the SP government itself and the budget for this was also passed at the same time. But Avneesh Awasthi, chairman of the expressway making agency UPEIDA and the state’s Additional Chief Secretary, told the media that the foundation stone of the Purvanchal Expressway was laid in July 2018 and it will be completed in 36 months in the Covid wave without any extra time and no extra cost. It is ready. Through this expressway, about 341 km long, many districts of Purvanchal and Avadh region are being connected between Lucknow and Ghazipur. It is being claimed that this is the longest expressway in the country. Earlier, the Lucknow-Agra Expressway was being told as the longest expressway in the country, which was built in the previous SP government and the then Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav especially counts this expressway in the achievements of his government.

The interesting thing is that when the Agra-Lucknow Expressway was inaugurated about five years ago, it was also not in such a condition that the traffic on it should be smooth and the situation on Purvanchal Expressway is such that it is still in the way of easy traffic. There are many problems. Even though the Purvanchal Expressway has been completed, but hardly anyone can dare to walk on such a long expressway, because there is lack of all the necessary facilities and the government inaugurated it in a hurry. Inauguration of unfinished projects Why there is no petrol pump, no toilets, nor is there any arrangement for repairing the vehicle in case of a breakdown in the 341 km long journey. Not only this, there is no facility of any kind of dhaba or restaurant etc. on the side of the road. Even the roadside fencing work is incomplete at many places. However, UPDA says that fuel pumps are to be built at 8 places and CNG stations at 4 places on the expressway. Devidin Maurya, who lives near the place where the expressway was inaugurated in Sultanpur, says, “Right now, this road is worthy of only those who come here by flying a ship and leave the ship after seeing the shining road”. Why are unfinished projects being inaugurated just ahead of time? That too, when the big leaders of BJP are continuously claiming that their party will again form the government in the state and will form it with a big majority. Senior journalist Siddharth Geelhans says, “The government knows that development works will have to be shown, only then they will go to the public. Earlier governments had built expressways and the BJP government talked about building three expressways as soon as they came.


The challenge was also to complete them on time. The government feels that mainly the road has been built, the rest will be done gradually.” However, in terms of gains and losses in the election, the relationship between constructing the expressway and coming back to the government has been quite the opposite. In the year 2007, the first expressway of UP from Noida to Agra, the BSP government led by Mayawati was built but in the same year the BSP lost and did not return to the government. In the year 2016, the SP government led by Akhilesh Yadav The Agra Lucknow Expressway was built but the SP government also went in the elections held the next year. Although BJP leaders believe that this is not a mathematical rule, it can also be reversed. Electoral importance of Purvanchal In fact, Purvanchal Expressway connects those districts of UP which are very backward in terms of development. About 28 districts come in Purvanchal and play an important role in deciding the direction of state politics. It is also said in political circles that UP The way to power goes through Purvanchal itself.By this, BJP is very strong in this area. But he got tremendous success in the 2017 assembly elections and before that in the 2014 and then in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

In the 2017 assembly elections, the BJP had got about 115 seats in this area, while the Samajwadi Party got only 17 seats. The BSP got only 14 seats while two seats went to the Congress. According to political analysts, the BJP is leaving no stone unturned in Purvanchal in view of the possible damage in western UP and Terai areas due to the farmers’ agitation. Purvanchal is the area where there is a significant population of backward and dalit castes and their political participation is quite decisive. Siddharth Geelhans says, “BJP is very cautious in view of the way the Samajwadi Party has tied up with Omprakash Rajbhar’s party and the alliance talks are going on with leaders of other backward castes. The political gains that have been made are behind the support of these backward castes. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is talking about the development of this area through the Purvanchal Expressway. In which Kushinagar airport and some medical colleges are also included. In the coming days, AIIMS in Gorakhpur and Kashi Vishwanath Corridor project in Varanasi will also be inaugurated.


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