Expensive travel in Bihar, after private, now the fare of government buses is also going to increase in this month.


In Bihar, the fare of government buses is also going to increase from this month. The fare of government-run diesel buses will increase in the state. Bihar State Road Transport Corporation has proposed to increase the fare of the buses to the Transport Department. The fare determination committee will decide how much the fare should be increased. There will be a meeting of this committee soon. The new fare rate will be applicable from April itself.


There are a total of 380 buses under the corporation in Bihar. Of these, 360 buses are still in operation. 20 buses are not operating due to technical reasons. In view of the rising prices of diesel, the corporation has decided to increase the fare of buses. As per the rules, the corporation sends a proposal in this regard to the state transport commissioner. Also, in the meeting of the Fare Fixation Committee, it is decided that how much the fare of the buses should be increased, then the corporation as well as the passengers are also happy. The fare of buses will be increased only after discussing every aspect.

Private bus fares have increased

The state’s private bus fares have increased recently. From midnight on 14 March, the increased fares of buses came into force. Private bus operators’ association has increased the fare by 20 per cent. The number of passenger buses in the state is around 60 thousand. The rationale behind the increase in fares was that the addition of diesel increased the toll tax. Also, maintenance of buses became expensive. Employees are having to spend more money than before.

Bus to Darbhanga Airport

The corporation will operate special electric buses for Darbhanga Airport. Electric buses will operate from Muzaffarpur to Darbhanga on Friday. The operation of buses will be started in the presence of Shyam Kishore, the Administrator of the Corporation and the District Collector and Municipal Commissioner of the concerned district. The corporation is trying to make the operation of AC electric buses that in order to get to and from the airport, passengers can tell that electric buses are also operating in the growing Bihar.




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