Everyone together can fight against Corona – Shivraj


Bhopal (Loksatya) Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan expressed his concern today on the rise in the cases of the infected due to uncontrolled corona and said that all people should cooperate in dealing with this epidemic and it can be defeated by fighting as a mass campaign. .

Mr. Chauhan said this in a discussion with the media after planting the sapling here. He said that humanity is in crisis in the form of Corona. In this situation, they also appeal to political parties that everyone forget their differences and ensure their cooperation in fighting this epidemic. A mass campaign is needed to counter this.

He said that he will also discuss with Congress leaders in this regard. It is the need of the hour that everyone forget the differences and make the mass campaign successful in combating the corona infection. He has also requested various religious gurus, media institutions, voluntary organizations and common people that the corona infection is spreading rapidly. Public awareness is essential to avoid this. Various teams, media institutions and voluntary organizations help to make people aware of Corona.

Shri Chauhan reiterated that the infection is feared when a person roams without a mask. Therefore, in addition to the use of Moscow, it is very important to follow social distancing and use of sanitizer.

Due to the uncontrolled growth of the second wave of Corona in Madhya Pradesh, this state has come in the seventh position in the country. More than three thousand people are getting infected and exposed here every day. Active cases have also crossed 21 thousand.


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