Even today, Muslims produce the most children in India, know what is the condition of Hindus


Muslims still have the highest fertility rate compared to other religions in the country. However, between 1992 and 2015, the fertility rate surprisingly dropped from 4.4 children per woman to 2.6 children. The second place in this matter belongs to the Hindus. Whereas Jains have the lowest fertility rate. A non-partisan American think tank has given this information in a report released on Tuesday. However, it states that there has been a decline in fertility rates among all religions.

A new report by the Pew Research Center on India’s religious composition says that every religious group has seen a decline in fertility, including the majority Hindu population and Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist and Jain minority groups. It states that Hindus are in second place with 2.1 fertility rate. Whereas Jainism is lowest with 1.2 fertility rate.


The general pattern is much the same as it was in 1992, when Muslims had the highest fertility rate of 4.4 followed by Hindus at 3.3. For example, where in 1992 Muslim women were expected to have an average of 1.1 more children than Hindu women, by 2015 this gap narrowed to 0.5.

The report said that because of these trends in India’s religious structure, India’s Muslim population grew somewhat faster than other religious groups due to fertility differences. But there have been only minor changes in the overall religious population since 1951, partly due to declining fertility patterns and convergence. It is to be known that after independence, the first census was conducted in India in 1951.


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