Even if you have term life insurance, you can get compensation on death in a road accident


If a person has term life insurance and dies in a road accident, then his family will be entitled to separate compensation from the term life insurance and the insurer of the vehicle causing the accident. The court has given this important decision in the case of death of a person in a road accident. The court has directed the insurance company to pay a compensation of Rs 2.25 crore to the victim’s family. This amount also includes interest of six per cent.

MACT Judge A.K. Garg’s court, while delivering the verdict, said that for term life insurance, premium is to be deposited separately. If there is a circumstance in which a person dies in a road accident, his family is entitled to the sum insured at the premium, because the victim has died due to the negligence of another driver, then the family He is also entitled to compensation under accident compensation claim.

what the court said

The company that insured the vehicle used in the accident had argued that 55 lakh 67 thousand rupees have been given in term insurance to the wife, a child and elderly parents of the deceased. In such a situation, there is no right to demand compensation in a road accident, but the court rejected the argument and said that both the compensations are separate. Their attitude is also different.


The truck was trampled on the way back home

The accident took place on May 19, 2018 at 11.15 pm in Gurugram. The victims, working as a manager in a private company, were returning home from office in Delhi on a motorcycle when a speeding truck ran over them near Hero Honda Chowk. The seriously injured victim was taken to the hospital, where he died during treatment. A compensation claim was filed on behalf of the family in the court.

The argument was given in the petition

Upendra Singh, the lawyer of the family of the deceased, told the court that the amount of compensation is decided on the basis of the monthly income and status of the person. There was a death of a person who was holding a high position. The annual salary was Rs 18 lakh 55 thousand 658. In such a situation, the compensation should be fixed keeping in view the needs of the family and the present and future earnings of the deceased.


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