European Union becomes India’s help in Corona crisis, consignments reaching oxygen and medicines


The European Union has extended a helping hand amid the second wave of Corona infection in India. The European Union said on Tuesday that in the coming days it will help its member countries with oxygen, medicine and essential equipment. Due to more than 3 lakh corona cases coming every day in the country for a week, resources have been depleted.

The statement issued by the European Union said, “In the coming days, the EU member country will supply the much needed oxygen, medicine and equipment to India”. From Ireland, 9000 vials of Remdesvir are coming from Belgium, 80 oxygen concentrators and 75 oxygen cylinders are coming from Romania. 58 ventilators from Luxembourg, 5,503 vile ramdescivir from Portugal, 20 thousand liters of oxygen will come every week and 120 ventilators are coming from SWED.

It has been said by the European Union, “This help is being provided by EU members to deal with the current state of the epidemic in India.” It is also said that in the coming days, other countries of the EU Will also help. There will also be help from countries like France and Germany.


Commissioner Janis Lenarik of Crisis Management said that the EU is ready to help India in this hour. This help from the EU has come at a time when the second wave of Corona in the country is causing havoc. There was a slight drop in Corona infection figures in the last 24 hours. On Monday, 323,144 new cases were reported in the country. With this, the total number of corona infections in the country increased to 17,636,307.

This is the sixth consecutive day when more than 3 lakh cases have been reported in the country. Many states are short of oxygen supply and ICU beds. According to the Central Government’s data, 14,556,209 patients in India have defeated Corona, so 1 lakh 97 thousand 894 patients have lost their lives.



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