Enemies are not well: Russian AK-103 rifle will replace INSAS in the Air Force, is equipped with features


The Indian Air Force has signed an agreement to buy 70 thousand AK-103 rifles from Russia under emergency procurement. It will replace the INSAS rifles present in the army. India is expected to get the new AK-103 rifles in the next few months. It is believed that getting new advanced weapons will increase the strength of the Air Force and will help in dealing with terrorists.

The INSAS rifle is being replaced by the improved versions of the AK-47, AK 103 and AK 203. Preparations are being made to purchase 4,000 SI Sauer Assault Rifles to meet the requirement of the Air Force. During the ongoing dispute with China on the LAC, India had also directly purchased 1.44 lakh SIG Sauer rifles from the US under emergency procurement. However, the SIG Sauer rifles were procured for the Indian Army and have been used by the Indian Army. These rifles are being used by Indian soldiers posted on both the fronts, the LOC with Pakistan and the LAC with China.

Will be used in sensitive areas first

Weapons will first be provided to the soldiers in the field areas along with sensitive air bases like Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar. Gradually, as the availability increases, it will replace the INSAS rifle in other places as well. The need for advanced weapons has been felt within the Indian Air Force for a long time. The process, however, gained momentum after the 2016 Pathankot airbase attack. The Air Force is now laying great emphasis on the use of its technical capabilities as well as the individual combat capabilities of its soldiers.

Rs 300 crore deal

According to various government estimates, the IAF is currently in need of around 1.5 lakh new assault rifles. Keeping this in mind, a contract worth about Rs 300 crore was signed last week under emergency provisions to procure 70,000 AK-103 assault rifles from Russia.

First AK-103 then AK-203 also


India had signed an agreement with Russia in 2019 to manufacture 7.5 lakh AK-203 rifles at the Ordnance Factory Board’s Korba plant in Uttar Pradesh. Work has not started in the plant now. This is the reason why India has decided to buy 70 thousand rifles directly from Russia. The remaining rifles will be supplied through the more advanced AK-203 rifle deal to be signed between India and Russia. The contract for AK-203 assault rifles is being done under the Army.

Difference between INSAS and AK-103 rifles:

Features of INSAS:

>> Currently, the Indian Army has 5.56×45 mm INSAS rifles.
>> Capable of hitting targets within a range of 400 meters.
>> The gun can hold 20 rounds of magazine bullets.
>> Its weight is 4.15 kg without magazine and bayonet.
>> Because of this it is difficult to carry it in the operation against terrorists.

Features of AK-103:

>> Fires 600 bullets per minute.
>> Capable of hitting targets within a range of 400 meters
>> Looks like a 7.62х39 caliber bullet.
>>30 Bullets have power.
>> 943 millimeters long.
>> 4.1 kg weight with bullet.
>> 3.6 kg weight without bullet.


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