Effect of Corona: Pilots returning to work are making mistakes in the air, fear of a major accident


Amidst the fear of the third wave of the Corona epidemic, people around the world are returning to their old life. Have started returning to the offices, have started their business. But the pilots who have been sitting at home for more than 18 months have forgotten to fly the airplane. Yes, it is not us, many pilots themselves say this. He says that after sitting at home for so many days, he had to face difficulties in flying the plane. That’s why many have to retrain.

According to the Bloomberg agency, due to the Corona epidemic, pilots sitting at home have forgotten to fly the plane for months. If someone had trouble starting the ship, then while landing, someone forgot to start the second engine and then in a hurry, the help of the station team had to be taken, otherwise a big accident could have happened. Both these mistakes were made by the pilot of a reputed airline of America.

A survey has been done on the pilots flying the big airlines of America. According to international reports, the condition of many pilots was almost the same. Surprisingly, the reason behind this has come to the fore due to corona, stopping flying or missing practice.

According to a Bloomberg report, there have been more than a dozen such mistakes that could have led to a major incident. Due to the ban on flights, about 1 lakh pilots worldwide could not work. Now after about 18 months, he has once again returned to work, so many mistakes are coming out during the flight. Aviation experts say that this is a very serious situation. In such a situation, a major accident can happen at any time.


After several reasons, the International Civil Aviation Organization has thought of starting a training session for pilots. Although it has also been revealed that the pilot did retraining in other places including Asia, but he has made many mistakes in the training session as well. This is the reason why pilots continue to make mistakes even after completing training sessions.

In fact, in the year 2020, international flights were banned after the corona epidemic spread worldwide. In view of the tremendous outbreak of the epidemic, countries around the world had considered it good to stop international flights. Due to this, even the pilots could not fly for a long time. Now that the effect of Corona has started reducing a bit, flights are also being started. But in the meantime, many pilot mistakes have come to the fore in America.



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