During the Corona period in Madhya Pradesh, the income of each citizen decreases by Rs 405 per month.


In the Madhya Pradesh Economic Survey, the government has forecast a decline in GDP this year compared to last year.

Madhya Pradesh (Economic) – Social, Stay behind on every index It has revealed itself in the economic survey of the state. Economic survey In 2008, the government forecast a decline in gross domestic product compared to the previous year. This is a decrease of 3.3737 percent in FY 2010-2011 as compared to FY 2012-2017. For the first time in seven years, the per capita income of the state has declined, while the growth rate has also declined to 3.337. During the Corona period, the per capita income decreased by Rs 405 per month.

The survey found that the share of central taxes in the states has declined, which has adversely affected the financial situation of the states. The state’s gross domestic product (GSDP) declined by 3.7373 per cent, while per capita net income also declined by 12 per cent.

Revenue collection was also 6.0 percent lower than the previous year. The initial deficit of the state in 2012-2017 was Rs 18,942 crore, which is expected to increase to Rs 30,899 crore in the next year 2020-21. The state’s mining revenue recorded a decline of 15.85 percent.


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Social patterns also decrease

The literacy rate in the state is 699.3 percent, which is lower than the national average of 733 percent. At the same time the infant mortality rate per thousand in the state is 48, and the national level is 32. Maternal mortality rate is 133, at the national level this number is 130. Provision of Rs. 799.00 crore was made in 2020-21 to assist farmers in major crop insurance scheme for crop damage due to natural calamities. Of which Tk 2020.203 crore has been spent. 179.17 crore could not be disbursed.


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