Due to negligence of people, third wave of corona may come in the country: ICMR



New Delhi (LokSatya). In view of the way people in different parts of the country are openly violating the Corona norms by visiting tourist places and other places during the Kovid epidemic, it seems that people have not learned any lesson from the second wave of Corona in April-May and if If this is the attitude of the public, then the third wave of corona can come at the end of August.

Dr. Samiran Panda, chairman of the Department of Epidemic and Infectious Diseases of the Indian Council of Medical Research, said in an interview to a private channel that in view of the negligence of the people, the third wave of corona may come by the end of August. But this time its effect will not be as deadly as the second wave. He said that four factors could be responsible for the third wave and these included the weakening of the immune system of the people which they acquired during the first and second wave of corona. If there is a decrease in the immune system of people, then this can be a big factor for the third wave of corona.


Dr. Panda said that the new variant of the corona virus can also be largely responsible for the third wave of corona and it can spread in the population quite easily. In the second wave of Corona, lakhs of lives were lost in the country and the strictness with which various state governments imposed lockdown restrictions is now being taken in haste and this step can also be fatal. He told that at this time Delta and Delta Plus Corona variants have shown their presence in the country. It is worth noting that just this week, the Indian Medical Association, the apex body of doctors in the country, had also said that in view of the way people are violating the corona standards by visiting tourist places in different parts of the country, it can be said that the third death of corona The wave is imminent. The Supreme Court has already expressed displeasure over the decision of the Uttar Pradesh government to allow the Kanwar Yatra and due to this the Uttarakhand government has closed its borders as a precaution.


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